Vast Visions

a year abroad in south korea


I’m Natasha, 23 years old and a recent college grad out to teach and travel the world. I’m currently teaching middle school English in Daegu, South Korea. Follow for updates on my adventures~


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Natasha, I’m sure you’ve been busy with your schoolwork and preparation for bar exam in near future, but as I read your blog yet again after almost a year, I’m grateful that you took the time and effort to put down your innermost thoughts, feelings and experience. They are beautifully and thoughtfully written. Your posts remind me to be humble, courageous and daring. I’m thinking of heading to Korean in near future after having spent a better part of my life doing something that I’ve never truly cared about. Thank you again for your posts. Hope you are doing well in the law school, but for some reason, I’m not worried about you. All the best and take care.

    • well thanks so much for the kind words! I hardly think I deserve all the praise but I appreciate it all the same. best of luck to you in your travels and in life. I hope you find Korea as crazy, strange, and beautiful as I did :)

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